Change the way you talk about yourself

By now, we all know that our website should sell the benefits and not the features. It is a phrase that has been nailed into our brains.

However, I've noticed that it is more challenging to keep in mind when we talk about ourselves. I've seen hundreds of freelancer sites that start with something like: "I'm a full-stack developer from ... "

The thing is, the people who visit your website don't care for your title. Instead, they want to know what solution you can provide to their problems.

So, I know I'm not saying anything groundbreaking. It is something you already knew. It is just a friendly reminder that what works for your products can also be applied for yourself.

It is easier to know the benefits of a tangible product than it is for a service. So it helps to know a few key elements:

  • What problems are they facing
  • Why can't they solve it themselves
  • What makes you different from your peers

The majority of clients have one of these problems:

  1. They want more clients
  2. They want a better [product]
  3. They want to increase profit

So, for example, if they are looking for a new website, it is not because they want a new price of digital real estate but because they believe it will help them solve one of the above problems.

But to know the problems of your clients you need to talk to them. Of course, every client is different, but their issues are all the same.

If you understand the problem, you can frame your services as an investment and not a cost. When a website translates to better retention or higher conversion, it becomes an investment.

Understanding you are providing a solution helps you show your clients the actual value of your services. You are not selling a service. You provide a solution.

To recap:

  1. Think of yourself not as a title but as a problem solver.
  2. Frame the solution you provide according to the value of your service
  3. Find what makes you different to stop competing with the people who do the "same thing" as you.

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