Giving your brand a voice

Ok. So yeah. Everything communicates.

That means that every brand, every logo, every color, typeface, etc., tells something about your business. Everything contributes to establishing your brand's voice. For that reason, it is important to have a clear picture of how your brans sounds and talks

This is one principle that seems obvious when you look at other brands but not when you think about your business.

Since "Tres y tres" was a design studio, we helped our clients find the brand voice was to ask them to describe their brand as if it was a person.

Like creating an avatar, we create a persona to discover how a brand sounds and talks. However, when we turn a brand into a persona, it is instantly easier to understand what differentiates it from competitors.

Let's imagine who a person named "Pepsi" would be. For me, he would be a he. Young, hip, always comes in second place. He is not bad at what he does, but he is not the best.

He is the personification of cool.

Now, this admittedly is only how I see it. If you can, it is always better to ask for various opinions.

Once you have gathered enough information, you should answer these questions:

  • How does it talk?
  • What words does it use?
  • Is it ironic?
  • Does it make you comfortable, or is it too blunt?

You could go even deeper with the questions. The idea is that you can almost place a name and see it as a real person.

Further, in the design process, this experiment will help you make design decisions.

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