Why you should only focus on one thing for growth

According to some TikTokers, for me to grow my brand, I must:

  • Post 3–5 times a day on TikTok
  • Post to Instagram 2–3 times a week
  • At least one reels story a week
  • Post a story every day
  • Pin all of my posts
  • Join and engage various Facebook groups
  • Plicki-tee-plop on clukasocial
  • Complicated a storeels un social punch

And many more

These tips usually come from a 20-year-old social media manager who’s making 6-figures every day.

But being everywhere is not a sustainable strategy:

First of all, trying to post every day on every social media platform would require you to have almost no other activity. Creating quality content means dedicating time to think, produce and optimize the posts.

Second of all, your ideal client is not in every app. Every app has a target audience. Not all of them are right for your business.

I want to propose another route.

There’s only ONE person I know who has made it online. My girlfriend, Sonia Alicia

Now, her strategy is entirely different from those I’ve listed here. She could be doing more to grow her audience, but I don’t know anyone who has had her sustained growth for so long.

So, What’s her strategy?

For the last ten years, she has almost exclusively focused on youtube.

Her webpage is straightforward with almost no blog posts; she posts stories on Instagram, but she doesn’t follow a set schedule, and most importantly, she is rarely pressed for time.

She enjoys what she does, she’s not stressed, and her community knows what to expect from her.

This is how I break down what has worked for her:

Don’t follow the new thing

There is a new app almost every day. Just this year, people flocked to Clubhouse and TikTok.

Each platform has its pros and cons. After that, it is just a matter of understanding how to make a splash to find growth.

However, to learn how to use a platform and get the best result. First, we must spend time using the platform.

I feel it is more difficult with each new platform. For example:

I’ve been learning how to do SEO for years now, and I believe I still have much to learn. However, I cannot say the same about my abilities for Pinterest or Youtube SEO.

Learning how to use this platform correctly would require the same amount of effort I’ve already invested in learning how to do SEO. Some abilities overlap but to know which, I’d have to comprehend the difference fully

In my opinion, jumping from one platform to the other is the reason why so many wannabe influencers stay small.

Focus on only one channel and master it before

So, this is what I’m focusing on 2021:

I’ll focus on my blog

I believe growing on the internet means focusing on one platform and staying consistent until you master it. Then, once you feel confident, you can move on to the next platform.

In my case, once I reach 5000 views on my blog, I cant to move on to making youtube videos.

Additionally: The one thing

The One Thing is a book by Gary W. Keller that claims that focusing on your one thing helps you grow faster and better.

The idea behind the one thing is to focus on what will make everything else easier. I believe this is the natural way to achieve growth.

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