Quick SEO tips that’ll help Google notice your website

SEO is not as complicated as the gurus say it is, but it is crucial. SEO is the cheapest way to make people know you and visit your website. More visitors means - in theory - more business.

If you’ve ever tried to learn SEO, you might have felt overwhelmed by all the tips and tricks you are supposed to know. However, let me tell you a little-known fact, most SEO specialists focus on the last 10 percent.

I’m trying to say that unless you want to become an SEO expert, you only need to learn the basics. And the basics are really easy to learn and master:

1. Start blogging

The easiest way to start with SEO is to start a blog. A blog will let you create more web pages, and each page is an opportunity for Google to notice your website.

2. Your blog is not a news site

Your website should aim to help your visitors. Instead of focusing on your achievements, create a site that allows your visitors to achieve their goals.

3. Write at least 300 words per page

Ever since I started doing SEO, this has been a rule. Of course, Google prefers long format, but 300 words, which is about half a page, is just about the minimum you can write for your webpage to start ranking.

4. Long-form does not mean ramble on

At the end of the day, someone has to read what you write. When you ramble on or lose what you are trying to say, you lose readers. Google notices everything. If your users don’t find your website helpful, Google will stop referring people to your website.

5. Stop thinking keywords, think key-phrases

Google cares about the context. While keywords help you create content, they are too limited in scope. Key phrases allow you to go more into detail and produce more useful content.

6. Tag your images:

I know I said I wouldn’t give any insider tips but hear me out. Images help you rank higher - but they need a little help. Rename your images and add an alt-tag to help Google understand what your images are about.

There are thousands of factors that make a page rank higher on Google. But the most important ranking factor is creating content that’s useful for your visitors.

SEO is not about pleasing Google but helping users and clients.

And if something goes wrong, don’t forget that your website is not written in stone. You can change, redo and optimize again as needed.

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